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from 40 portable charger to hub charging

from 40 portable charger to hub charging

Versatile range:
From portable 40kW chargers to expansive EV charging hubs, meeting the diverse needs of users.

Global presence:
A Finnish company with a worldwide footprint and thousands of installed EV chargers.

Fleet-focused solutions:
Specialized in charging systems for large and widespread fleets, ensuring a superior user experience with scalability and reliability.

Investment confidence:
Trusted by major investors in EV charging infrastructure, making Kempower a preferred choice for sustainable and robust charging solutions.

Experience the innovation and reliability of Kempower Chargers – where superior user experiences meet cutting-edge technology.
from 60 to 420kW

from 60 to 420kW

Versatile range:
Offering chargers ranging from 60 to 420kW, catering to diverse charging needs.

Global presence:
A worldwide company with 40,000+ chargers installed across 25+ countries. Established in Europe since 2017, providing reliable fast charging solutions with an impressive 97% efficiency.

Trusted by industry leaders:
Selected as a preferred partner by prominent companies such as Enel, Electra, BYD, and Shell, affirming our commitment to excellence.

Explore the power and reliability of X Charge Chargers – your global solution for efficient and fast EV charging.
up to 22kW

up to 22kW

Up to 22kW Capacity:
Efficient and high-capacity charging to meet your electric vehicle needs.

Pioneer Brand:
Over 600,000 EV chargers in operation, boasting a remarkable 99% reliability. A pioneer with 15+ years of experience in EV charging and nearly 90 years in energy management.

Trusted by Major Players:
The choice of the largest companies and investors, a testament to our reliability and performance.

Discover the excellence of Alfen Chargers – a blend of Dutch innovation and decades of expertise in energy management.

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Spirii users and payments app

Introducing the smart choice in e-mobility charging:

Most intelligent charging Platform:
Our platform stands out as the epitome of e-mobility intelligence.

User-friendly access across the EU:
We provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for EV drivers throughout the European Union.

Trusted by industry leaders:
Chosen by major players like Total Energies, EDF, Adamant, and PowerGo, our software offers control to investors and ensures a smooth user experience.

Expansive network:
With over 18,000 charging points in our network and a staggering 550,000 across the EU, we are at the forefront of powering the electric mobility revolution.

Experience the future of e-mobility with our intelligent charging platform – the trusted choice for leading companies and a vast network across Europe.

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