when global warming meets electric cars


Overcoming the effects of higher temperatures works and also affects the critical EV charging infrastructure. As global temperatures continue to rise, we find ourselves facing one of the hottest summers on record. In fact, the first week of July this year came to an extreme heat on a global scale, with the average global temperature reaching a whopping 17.01 degrees Celsius, as recorded by the US National Weather Service Centers, compared to the typical global average of 13.9 degrees Celsius.

As rising global temperatures continue to strain the power grid, "blackouts" (temporary reductions in voltage) and power outages are likely to become more common due to excessive demand to power essential appliances, air conditioners, fans and lighting during peak hours. But grid strain doesn't just affect homes and businesses when they need them most during the hot summer months; the scorching heat has serious implications for electric vehicle (EV) owners as it exposes the vulnerability of EV adoption – access to reliable charging power during blackouts and blackouts.

As a result it is becoming increasingly clear that without access to reliable back-up power, power disruptions during extreme weather conditions such as heat waves will continue to hamper EV owners' ability to reliably charge their vehicles, raising concerns about the practicality and feasibility of EV deployment in peak summer periods. But despite these challenges, there is still hope for EV owners and CPOs - EV fleet managers to access reliable off-grid EVSE solutions that will enable efficient EV charging even in the face of rising global temperatures.

However, before discussing this, it is important to understand how high temperatures affect the power supply and charging of electric vehicles, and the ways in which reliable back-up power from sustainable sources can help overcome this increasingly widespread challenge to the widespread use of electric vehicles.

We are lucky to live in Slovenia, where we have not yet felt very hot temperatures on the EV infrastructure and may it stay that way in the future.

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